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A great way to experience CMS/CHS - shadow a student!

  1. Call the Admissions office, 636-978-1680 x 1107 to set up a Thursday that fits your schedule.
  2. LWCS dress code should be observed on your visit. Please see Dress Code here. 
  3. Bring a note pad, pen, reading material, etc., in the event your host student is taking a test during a class period.
  4. Please leave cell phone, tablets, ipods, etc at home for the day. Phone calls can be made from the main office.
  5. On the morning of your visit, signs will be posted for Guest Parking. Please park in a designated space. All other parking spots are reserved for specific students.
  6. Enter the building at 7:45am and register in the Admission office, which is to the right of the foyer.
  7. Enjoy our day at LWCS - lunch is on us!
  8. At the end of the day, parents please enter through Door 1 and sign your student out in the main office, to the left of the foyer.
  9. Go home, savoring your experience, and complete your online application! :)


Shadow opportunities for prospective students at CES, please call Janet Huskey at 636-978-1680 x 1107 to schedule your shadow date.  


Tours for all LWCS campuses are available, call 636-978-1680 x1107, for an appointment. Walk-ins welcome!



We're excited for you to join us!