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The years from sixth grade through eighth grade are an important time of development. Students define their interests, learn new talents, and face challenges that are unique to their age group. At LWCS, middle school students are introduced to a world of new concepts and opportunities. Our goal is to develop the skills, critical thinking, and understanding that come from interacting with new information. Our curriculum covers all the traditional core subject areas- math, science, english, language arts, and social studies- but we use a range of innovative, creative ways to present the material. Another facet of our middle school program, as with each of our programs, is daily Bible class and a weekly chapel service. Dynamic discussions and interactive lectures are designed to relate to issues and ideas we know middle school-aged kids are thinking about.

LWCS's middle school program is part of the independent non-denominational, college preparatory program of the Living Word Christian School. Our goal is to assist parents and churches in the preparation of students for lifelong service to Christ and to possess the tools to experience success in the high school years and beyond.

The sixth grade has modified block scheduling. Three core teachers specialize in the Language Arts, Math and Science, and History and Bible. The students also receive weekly instruction in the fine arts, library, and physical education. Middle school students may also participate in band, choir, or orchestra.

Seventh and eighth graders follow a traditional seven hour, 45 minute period schedule. 

The middle school is also privileged to have an academic learning lab for students who need extra support in their academic endeavors.